Weekly Revolt #3 – Results

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Congratulation to popsrock (evanescent) for winning the 3rd weekly tournament! Making a nice debut!!

Week 3 had 8 fighters, featuring two new entrants, creampuff~ and popsrock (evanescent). We also had last week’s rookies, CT.Sg and Draco’s Wrath making a return as veterans! The Random Number Generator also pit Week 1 and Week 2 champions, 3-Chord Dork and psxsquall into a first round bloodbath!

Click here for the Challonge Bracket Results.


Link to the replay for Week 3:


A big “Thank You” to fffan7777/psxsquall for running the brackets this week!

Update: Here are the matches on Youtube, thanks to CaptYadier


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