After several attempts at organizing large tournaments among Street Fighter IV: Volt players on the iOS, many of us were frustrated at the complicated bracket-running and player-matching.  Each match would take upwards of a week to organize, due to differences in timezones, geography, and conflicting schedules.

CaptYadier and psxsquall were instrumental in suggesting the idea of a weekly tournament, similar to Level-Up Live‘s Wednesday Night Fights and Thursday Run-Backs. Having a weekly tournament helps foster a consistent community of players, and the weekly format allows people to participate as their schedule allows. Requiring people to log in to a chatroom also makes communication between players much more efficient, rather than sending iOS Game Center messages.

While the current weekly timeslot is tailored towards a North American region/timezone (Thursday evening for North America), we could run another timeslot if there is enough interest and a consensus alternate timeslot..


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