Tournament Details/Rules

When is the Tournament?

The tournament takes place every Thursday Night, 9PM EST / 6PM PST.  The tournament generally finished within 2 hours.

How to Participate

Log in to Chat Room A or Chat Room B by 9:15 PM EST / 6:15 PM PST. Please use your Game Center ID name as your Chat Room Login Name. That’s it. We start promptly at 9:15 PM EST / 6:15 PM PST.  No exceptions.


Use Rounds = 3 and Time Limit = 99.  SP Assist & Autoblock is left to players’ choice.

Each Set plays out as follows:

Game 1 – Lag/Connection Test. Use handicap = 2 stars or 3 stars, to indicate this is a Connection Test. If there are severe problems, discuss in the chat room. Otherwise, continue with Games 2+

Games 2+ – First player to win 3 Games, wins the Set.  After a player wins 3 Games, please disconnect and report results to the Chat Room. Only the Loser of each game is allowed to change characters; Winner may not. Draw Games count as a Win for both players.


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